Hey there!

Thanks for wanting to know more on how to contribute. There is always a lot of work to do to ensure we keep updated with the latest recommendations and guidelines such as:

  • Research
  • Translations
  • Graphic production and formatting work
  • Fact checking information and sources as they are sent to us
  • Dev help for our tech team (frontend and backend)


We are looking for assistance creating, maintaining, improving, and translating our community resources.  If you have 2+ hours or are available on an ongoing basis we could really use your help.

  1. Please join our slack and introduce yourself in the #introductions channel so we know you’re there.  Let us know any specific skills you have and how you’d like to contribute.
  2. Our team works from all over the world. If we aren’t online or can’t get back to you right away, check the pinned message in the #info-resources channel to find our open tasks. There are some that you can get started on right away such as reviewing resource links that have been sent to us to consider using.
  3. Our team will connect with you within 24hrs. if you want to discuss doing something specific or a job on the task sheet that requires further info or access authorisation DM Davina Whiting.

These guides wouldn’t exist without all our amazing volunteers,

Thank you and keep up the good work!